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Venture Investment Arm

  • In a short thread about VCs and dumping, this fund was a slow dumper (4-6-2022):

"They have yet to sell this month's 2.5 milly tokens, but did sell December and March unlocks last month, transferring to an unlabeled wallet before sending to Binance."

  • Has launched (30-7-2020) a VC fund alongside an overhaul of its website.
  • Allora; mentioned as one of its backers (2-2-2024).
  • Anchor; Do Kwon mentioned them as part of a $20M raise, calling the participants the 'Anchor whales' (16-3-2021)
  • Axie Infinity; led a $860,000 sale round (19-11-2020).
  • Celestia; participated in their $55M raise (20-10-2022).
  • Covalent; was part of a $2M round (26-3-2021).
  • DeversiFi; one of the participants of a $5M private token sale for 12% of the supply (18-5-2021).
  • dYdX; was part of the dYdX Series C raise of $64M (15-6-2021).
  • Frax; From Delphi Digital (1-2021): "Delphi Ventures has opted to farm the FRAX/USDC pool because we believe it may offer the best risk-adjusted return, even though the base yield is the lowest of the three currently. If the FXS price continues to rise, this strategy will benefit from the resulting higher yields. However, if the price of FXS falls significantly, our downside is capped since we’re staking stable exposure."
  • Illuvium; was part of a $5M investment round (12-3-2021).
  • Initia; led their $7.5m raise
  • NXM. "Delphi Ventures holds NXM." according to their 'Delphi Daily' (1-9-2020).
  • Pyth; participated in its first announced round (5-12-2023).
  • Sei; mentioned as one of the trusted investors on Sei's website (13-10-2022).
  • Syndicate Protocol; was one of 20+ investors in a $1M raise (17-3-2021).
  • Terra; part of the $150M Ecosystem investment fund (16-7-2021).
  • TokenTerminal; they mention this as one of their 'community members' (1-8-2022), however, due to the nature of the ones named, we can assume these are investors.
  • YFI. "Deplhi Ventures holds YFI" according to their 'Delphi Daily' (2-9-2020).
  • Zapper; participated in an extension of their Seed Round (16-10-2020).
  • ZeroGravity


  • "Delphi Digital is powered by 5 full time analysts focused on actionable and original crypto and blockchain research." (2-2020)
  • Tom Shaug; "Tom was the founder of 51percent Crypto Research, where he researched and analyzed dozens of token projects, before the company merged with Delphi Digital. He has a focus on token level research, competition between public smart contract platforms and analyzing impactful crypto trends. Tom was previously on the cloud and communications equity research team at Oppenheimer."
  • Kevin Kelly; "Kevin was previously a U.S. Equity Strategist providing insight on global equity markets for a vast array of institutional clients, often appearing on financial media outlets (TV, radio, etc.) to discuss his latest work. Leveraging his traditional market expertise, Kevin focuses on global macro trends affecting the digital asset market, helping bridge the gap for institutional investors in today's unique investing environment."
  • Yan Liberman; "Yan brings a strong understanding of fundamental and quantitative analysis to Delphi Digital having spent a sizable part of his career in a research capacity. He provided in-depth, company-specific insights and thematic research in a previous role as an Equity Research Associate covering the global technology sector for Bloomberg Intelligence. Prior to this, Yan worked as a Dividend Forecasting Analyst for Bloomberg."
  • Medio Demarco; "Prior to Delphi, Medio was an Associate in Deutsche Bank’s risk department. His responsibilities included assessing derivatives exposure, legal negotiations, structured financing transactions, and non-recourse equity loans for the bank’s hedge fund clientele. Prior to working at Deutsche Bank, Medio was an Analyst at Bloomberg L.P. covering U.S. corporate bonds and Treasuries."
  • Anil Lulla; "Prior to Delphi Digital, Anil was a Leveraged Finance CRM Associate at Deutsche Bank covering the Retail and TMT sectors. He now spends his time looking into exciting new projects building products that stand to make an impact in this space and have a viable path to mainstream adoption. Before Deutsche Bank, he covered fixed income products at Bloomberg."
  • Gabriel Shapiro; general council (19-7-2021)