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From Onchain Times (15-4-2024):

"ZeroGravity, also known as 0G Labs, defines itself as the first modular AI chain. Behind these buzzwords lies a promising goal: elevating data availability to the next level. You're likely aware that training AI models requires vast amounts of data. If we aim to truly integrate AI on-chain, a high-speed and highly scalable data availability solution becomes imperative. ZeroGravity aims to achieve this scalability by dividing the workflow of data availability into two lanes: data publishing and data storage. This model allows ZeroGravity to achieve a data throughput of 50 Gbps, compared to competitor rates of 1.5 MBps, as reported by one of the 0G founders. This concept has already attracted significant attention, enabling the project to raise $35 million in a pre-seed round from major VCs such as GCR, Hack VC, Delphi Digital, and others."