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Aka Terra 2.0. The new chain that was created after Terra Classic got rekt due to the UST depeg of 9-5-2022.



"When the TerraUSD algorithmic stablecoin (UST) lost its peg, millions of dollars were wiped out in a matter of days. The coin, which used to carry a redeemable-for-a-dollar guarantee, has been trading for just a nickel. And LUNA, its governance token, which last month had a market cap of more than $30 billion, has seen that metric slip to $680 million. The company behind it all got its start in 2018. Right before Terra’s UST lost its dollar peg on May 9, the Luna Foundation Guard Bitcoin reserve had grown to 42.5 BTC, at the time worth $1.4 billion. But when the Bitcoin price started to tank, UST lost its peg and would eventually drag LUNA, the TerraForm Labs team, and thousands of investors down with it."

Shortly after, a vote happened to launch a new chain, Terra 2.0. Which launched on the 28th of May. This chain did not have built-in burn mechanisms or UST.



Token Allocation

"At the Pre-Attack snapshot, hold:

  1. LUNA (including staking derivatives)
  2. Less than 500k aUST (UST deposited in Anchor)

And/or at the Post-Attack snapshot, hold:

  1. LUNA (including staking derivatives)
  2. UST"




How it works


Projects that use or built on it

Team, Funding and Partners


  • Full team can be found [here].
  • Do Kwon; ex-CEO and being sued.
  • Chris Amani; interim CEO (20-7-2023)
  • Terraform Labs filed for bankruptcy (22-1-2024). "Terraform Labs will pay $4.47 billion to resolve a US Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit (13-6-2024). Terraform will pay about $3.59 billion plus interest and a $420 million penalty, while Kwon will pay $204.3 million, including $110 million in disgorgement, interest and an $80 million penalty, a court filing showed. The resolution also requires Terraform to wind down its business “as soon as possible” and seek approval of a Chapter 11 liquidation plan in its bankruptcy case that replaces company directors, including current Chief Executive Officer Chris Amani, and appoints a trutstee or estate representative to use its remaining assets to pay creditors and investors."
  • Roughly 15 of the company’s 40 employees were part of Terraform Labs before the stablecoin depegging incident led to the blockchain ecosystem’s downfall.
  • From Decrypt (2-2-2023):

"More than half of the 323 open-source developers who contributed to projects on Terra’s network before its algorithmic stablecoin collapsed in spring 2022 stopped working on crypto projects altogether by December, according to a report from Electric Capital. Of those who remained active, 42 developers migrated to other Cosmos network projects. According to Electric Capital, 35 developers have stuck with the network and are now working on the “Terra 2.0” rebuild, five others moved on to Solana, and 11 are now involved with Osmosis, a Cosmos-based decentralized exchange."

Terraform Capital

  • Terraform Labs (tagged by Nansen) sold all 20M $LDO (12-3-2023). Terra participated in Lido's $2M financing in 2020.
  • From their blog (3-3-2021):

"Terraform Capital, Terra’s strategic investment arm seeded with $10M to fund audits for projects that incorporate UST/LUNA, is unveiled. Leading security teams Quantstamp, Sentnl, Solidified and Cryptonics are onboarded as audit partners for Terra Capital."

Terra Ecosystem Fund

"We like working with ambitious individuals looking to build incredible products. We make grants to new projects and developers and help them structure their concepts. We also help teams access professional legal and auditing services. Also, we invest in and co-incubate projects via our $150M ecosystem fund."

"Arrington Capital, BlockTower Capital, Galaxy Digital, Hashed, Lightspeed Ventures, Pantera Capital, Parafi, SkyVision Capital, Accomplice Blockchain, CoinFund, DeFi Alliance, Delphi Digital, Distributed Global, Dokia Capital, Iconium, Jump Trading, L1 Digital, Lattice Capital, Mechanism Capital, OP Crypto, QuantStamp, Rockaway Blockchain Fund and 01node"

Project Dawn

"Striving towards a world where all blockchains can seamlessly communicate, Terraform Labs has put forward $150M worth of its LUNA tokens. They are calling the fund Project Dawn."

Terra Global Founder Fellowship

"The Terra Global Founder Fellowship program launches with the aim of supporting projects building on Terra to further the expansion and growth of the Terra Ecosystem. Terraform Labs launches the Global Founder Fellowship with partners including JUMP Crypto, Delphi Digital, Outlier Ventures, Long Hash Ventures, SCB10X, Alpha Finance Lab, Ship Capital, Basis Set Ventures, Insignia Ventures, among others. The aim of the Terra Global Founder Fellowship is to work with top tier early-stage VC firms, accelerator programs, and tech unicorn companies to identify and support project founders with the resources they need to build dapps on the Terra blockchain, thereby helping to expand the Terra ecosystem."


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