Do Kwon

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  • Soravis Srinawakoon was (10-1-2021) a classmate of Do Kwon at Stanford, according to Soravis they are close and always help each other out with each projects and funding.
  • Gave a 'special shoutout to @hashed_official, @arringtonXRPcap and Pantera Capital for backing literally everything I've done in my career (without even a pitch)' (16-3-2021).
  • South Korea issued a warrant for his arrest due to Luna and UST (14-9-2022).



  • Alice; one of the seed investors (13-5-2021).
  • Rift Protocol; mentioned as a backer on the Rift website (21-3-2022).
  • Terra; from his Twitter (23-5-2021): "I hold the majority of the team’s Luna holdings, and I’ve bought 50M Luna in 2020 and also bought more Luna in 2021."