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Has done audits on the following projects (among others):


  • From their blog (15-5-2020):

"Crytic, our Github app for discovering smart contract flaws, is kind of a big deal: It detects security issues without human intervention, providing continuous assurance while you work and securing your codebase before deployment. Crytic finds many bugs no other tools can detect, including some that are not widely known. Right now, Crytic has 90+ detectors, and we’re continuously adding new checks and improving existing ones."

In the blog post they mention 12 bugs that were solely found by Cryptic across platforms.


  • As explained in this DeFi Weekly edition, Hegic had code bugs, even though it was 'audited' by Trail of Bits. What follows is a back and forth between Hegic and Trail of Bits, where it seems like Trail of Bits did not handle the situation carefully.

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