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  • From Week in Ethereum (13-8-2022): GitHub organization & personal accounts of contributors got blocked after OFAC sanctioned Tornado Cash
  • A code sharing and publishing service, or that it’s a social networking site for programmers.
  • At the heart of GitHub is Git, an open source project started by Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Matthew McCullough, a trainer at GitHub, explains that Git, like other version control systems, manages and stores revisions of projects. Although it’s mostly used for code, McCullough says Git could be used to manage any other type of file, such as Word documents or Final Cut projects. Think of it as a filing system for every draft of a document.
  • Some of Git’s predecessors, such as CVS and Subversion, have a central “repository” of all the files associated with a project. McCullough explains that when a developer makes changes, those changes are made directly to the central repository. With distributed version control systems like Git, if you want to make a change to a project you copy the whole repository to your own system. You make your changes on your local copy, then you “check in” the changes to the central server. McCullough says this encourages the sharing of more granular changes since you don’t have to connect to the server every time you make a change.
  • Got acquired by Microsoft in june 2018 for $7.5B
  • Anton Tiurin went from Github towards SONM