Sandeep Naiwal

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"Based in Delhi, Nailwal has spent much of his professional life as a software developer and began his IT career in 2010 as a software engineer at Computer Sciences Corporation. In 2014, he joined Deloitte as a consultant and worked on management consulting and program management initiatives. In the two years following, Nailwal worked as the chief technology and supply chain officer for Welspun Group, a multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai. Later, in March 2016, he launched ScopeWeaver but soon became interested in AI and blockchain technology. In 2017, Nailwal co-founded Polygon, where he continues to serve as chief operating officer.

Prior to his work in the emerging technologies sector, he completed his MBA in finance and supply chain management from the National Institute of Industrial Engineering in India. In 2021, a year after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sandeep announced his intentions to launch a treatment effort in his home country. Reports show that the India Covid Crypto Relief Fund raised more than $2.2 million in April 2021 with the help of the crypto community."