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  • A fund focused on digital assets.
  • Launched in 2018.


"Humanode is a decentralized network based on private biometrically encrypted nodes (or replicas). Using solutions that provide fully homomorphically encrypted feature vectors for biometric processing and a Merkle-CRDT mechanism, people will be able to deploy replicas to create a public permissionless financial network based on consensus between equal human nodes with a rule-based monetary policy targeting real value growth and proportional emission."


  • Ric Burton came out with allegations of Hayden ghosting him after years of work and investment in Hayden and introducing him to Paradigm (2-2023). Insinuating that Paradigm took all the spoils. Hayden countered, saying Ric is lying "That claim has already been dismissed by a judge - and is a matter of public record. Ric’s claim that it was his idea for me to raise from Paradigm is also false. I met @danrobinson at @phildaian’s apartment before I ever crossed paths with Ric. We became friends and Dan intro’d me to Paradigm when he joined."


  • According to this thread (16-2-2023):

"Total Balance $382m • $195m $LDO • $166.5m $ETH • $20.47m $MKR This is likely just a few of their larger holdings. Some of their investments include Optimism, Synthetix, DYDX, Osmosis, Uniswap, Starkware and more. Interestingly, Paradigm is one of the largest investors in Lido Finance. As of now, 79m of their 100m LDO tokens have been unlocked (fully unlocked May 1st 2023). Paradigm further has > $2m $MKR staked for governance on MakerDAO."

"All told, 13 of Paradigm’s 28 investments so far have already raised or circulated tokens at higher valuations. That’s helped the firm establish itself as an elite player."

"Venture funds Dragonfly Capital and Paradigm have acquired $27.5 million worth of MKR tokens and plan to take part in the Maker Protocol's governance system. Announced Thursday by the Maker Foundation, the $27.5 million raised will fund the foundation's efforts to promote dai adoption in China and the broader Asia region. It's expected Dragonfly and Paradigm, who already have a strong presence in the region, will advise on the expansion.The joint purchase means Dragonfly and Paradigm now control approximately 5.5 percent of the total MKR token supply. Combined, the acquisition makes Dragonfly and Paradigm the second-largest private holder of MKR tokens. VC firm Andreessen Horowitz remains the single largest private holder with the 6 percent stake it acquired in September 2018."

Team, Funding, partnerships


"Paradigm’s been busy, too, hiring a second researcher, a general counsel and, in October, a crypto security expert, bringing its team to 15."


"Paradigm moved its $400 million of initial capital into Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2018 at burst-bubble discount prices, converting it back into greenbacks when needed for individual investments.

Combining mainstream pedigrees and pioneering crypto cred, Ehrsam, 32 and Huang, 31, convinced top institutional investors like Harvard and Stanford to give them $750 million to invest in a market they were too blue-blooded to touch directly. The vehicle was odd, an open-ended fund with no deadline to return it back. (All three [including Yale] declined to comment for this story.)"