Sequoia Capital

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  • In a short thread about VCs and dumping, Sequoia India was one of the hodlers (4-6-2022):

"Another hardcore hodler's wallet, with no user-side movement since Oct. 2021 Diamond handed dudes!"


  • Sequoia split (6-6-2023) into three firms. Sequoia China is now HongShan. Sequoia India is now Peak XV Partners. And Sequoia’s U.S. and Europe business continues as Sequoia Capital. Sequoia went global in the mid-2000s with separate funds that shared back-office functions, some LP backers, and its well-known VC brand. Now, it’ll end any back-office and profit sharing by Dec 31, and be fully separated “not later than” March 31, 2024.


  • Diamond handed their two biggest bets, DoorDash and Unify (non crypto) in 2021 and lost out on ~18B in profit when the stock markets started to crash in 2022. Sequoia plans to hold (21-6-2022).
  • From The Block (17-2-2022):

"Sequoia Capital will bet on tokens through its new crypto fund worth $500-600 million. The VC firm will also actively manage tokens, from staking them to providing liquidity to participating in governance."

"Known for investing in companies from Apple and Google to WhatsApp and Stripe."