Hayden Adams

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  • According to his 'History of Uniswap' post (2-12-2019), he is friends with Karl Floesch, Pascal Van Hecke (who gave him a personal grant to work on Uniswap), Callil Capuozzo "a friend from elementary school through high school", Philip DaianDan RobinsonAndy Milenius, Jinglan Wang "has been a fantastic advisor ever since", Ashleigh Schapp "another friend who would become important to Uniswap". One friend who is not mentioned, is Ric Burton, who came out with allegations of Hayden ghosting him after years of work and investment in Hayden and introducing him to Paradigm (2-2023). Hayden countered, saying Ric is lying "That claim has already been dismissed by a judge - and is a matter of public record. Ric’s claim that it was his idea for me to raise from Paradigm is also false. I met @danrobinson at @phildaian’s apartment before I ever crossed paths with Ric. We became friends and Dan intro’d me to Paradigm when he joined."
  • Has worked on Uniswap at Balance, an Ethereum Wallet startup and at MakerDAO.
  • From CoinDesk, which put him in the Most Influention 2020 list (9-12-2020):

"After being laid off from his junior engineering position at Siemens and living at home with his parents, a career opportunity came knocking: Uniswap. Buterin’s article was sent to Adams by Karl Floersch in the fall of 2017 and would become his first project. Floersch was a college friend of Adams’ then working at the Ethereum Foundation. He is now the chief technical officer at blockchain scaling firm Optimism

Two seemingly inconsequential decisions Adams made in 2017 would set the stage for 2020’s DeFi bull run. First, he bought ETH in March 2017. Second, he learned to code while living at his parents’ house.

Luckily, Floersch had it all figured out for Adams. There was an acute lack of smart contract developers for Ethereum, a smart contract blockchain, Floersch told Adams. So, Adams began to learn JavaScript and Solidity as encouraged by a dramatic upswing in the price of cryptocurrencies in the summer of 2017."


  • Uniswap; founder, but never swapped on Uniswap himself, due to 'tax headaches'


"Reportedly holds $125,352 onchain"