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"Founders are asking more and more about how we as a fund support networks.

  1. We run staking delegations or nodes on ~10 portfolio networks today.
  2. We participate in network governance, such as @LivepeerOrg LIPs.
  3. We add liquidity to mechanisms, especially those on @BalancerLabs."


"Acala closed a $7 million simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT) led by Pantera Capital. Other investors in the funding round include 1confirmation, Arrington XRP Capital, ParaFi Capital, Coinfund, Spartan Capital and others."

Acala's aUSD Ecosystem Fund; one of the founding funds to grow the Acala stablecoin (23-3-2022)

Coinfund Ventures


  • Brukhman, Jake; Co-Founder, “Blockchain tech research & crypto asset investments. Previously Partner & CTO at Triton Research, technical product manager and engineer at, and spent 5 years in financial technology in New York City.”
  • Evan Feng
  • David Pakma; managing partner (8-2022).
  • API3; is mentioned as a partner on their website (5-3-2021).