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"Amazon Web Services offers blockchain tools to help companies that want to use distributed ledger technology but don’t want to develop it themselves. It’s a clever way to maintain its dominance in cloud computing, Amazon’s most profitable business line, with a 2018 operating profit of $7.3 billion. Cloud clients using its tools include Change Healthcare, which helps manage payments among hospitals, insurers and patients; Guardian Life Insurance; HR software provider Workday; and securities clearinghouse DTCC. Full profile"

"As an extension of Amazon Web Services, the e-commerce behemoth offers blockchain tools for companies that don’t want to build their own. In Australia, Nestlé used Amazon’s blockchain product to help launch a new coffee brand, “Chain of Origin,” where consumers can look inside the coffee’s supply chain: They can scan a QR code to see at which small farm the beans were planted and where they were roasted. Other Amazon blockchain clients include Sony Music Japan, BMW, Accenture and South Korean craft brewery Jinju Beer."

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • Cloud computing, Amazon’s most profitable business line, with a 2018 operating profit of $7.3 billion

Used by

  • This past spring (2018), Kaleido partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) so enterprises can run the Kaleido platform on AWS and seamlessly connect to Amazon’s other analytics, rich query, monitoring, and storage services.
  • QTUM has launched its decentralized application (DApp) development platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).



 Main Amazon partners

Past employees

  • Andreas Weigend; ex-chief scientist of Amazon, now advisor to the Injective Protocol (19-10-2020).
  • Brukhman, Jake; Co-Founder of Coinfund, “Blockchain tech research & crypto asset investments. Previously Partner & CTO at Triton Research, technical product manager and engineer at, and spent 5 years in financial technology in New York City.”
  • Lai, Richie; founder of Bittrex, worked as manager of Security Operations at Amazon
  • Luke Youngblood, previously a solutions architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), has joined Coinbase (3-2019) to build products for staking and governance projects, a sector of the industry enjoying an increasing amount of social and investor attention
  • Itamar Lesuisse; "Itamar is CEO of Argent. He was previously the CEO of Peak, which he co-founded with Gerald. Peak was acquired by Lagardere in 2016. Prior to Peak he worked at Visa, Amazon and BCG. He holds four payments-related patents and has a Masters in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering."
  • Mark Ramberg; former Amazon VP Business Development, now (11-2-2020) advisor to Verasity
  • Ankr claims (11-11-2020) that some of its team members come from here and AWS (among other big companies)
  • Oasis Network; CMC claims on that some of the team members come from here (15-11-2020).