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"Rhett Creighton now building on the concept of a controversial new ERC20 token, HEX. Where Creighton sees ethical problems with HEX he is now claiming to address with an SLP version of that idea, PANDA. It’s supposedly designed to benefit his 800CryptoClub, a social media phenomenon he’s built by offering free crypto with the charge of teaching more folks about how the ecosystem works.

I wanted to call the $800cc token “OCT,” because it means 8, and it was like a HEX kind of token. But I ran a twitter poll, and #800cc was crazy for PANDA. They really demanded a PANDA coin, it turned out, for some reason. I have no idea why. About the goal, I’d like to see $PANDA do 100 BCH in sales, and CCDC, the dividend token for the PANDA sale, has already sold for 0.5 BCH each on Memo. That was with V1 where the distribution had 550 coins. Now it has been reduced."

"Rhett Creighton's #800cc movement was hit by an exit scam after a trusted admin took off with an entire wallet's worth of $PANDA investor funds."

Rhett responded:

"I’m PERSONALLY going to accept Full Responsibility for the Hack. I will cover ALL Losses for anyone who contributed (total losses were $5k). Also, we forgive the admin and hope he comes back to #800cc. He hacked us good, but $PANDA and #800cc NEEDS hackers."