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  • Crypto news outlet "We say what other news outlets won’t dare. We name names. We put our views out there, front and center."
  • Closed down in the summer of 2020.


  • C. Edward Kelso; Editor-in-Chief, "Based in the United States, Kelso has thousands of articles published through various news organizations. Controversies, personalities, cryptography history, book and movie reviews, interviews, editorials, columns, he’s covered the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem for years. He’s also host of The CoinSpice Podcast. Holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH."
  • Peter Ryan; Director of Growth "previously led research efforts at CoinDesk, the most popular cryptocurrency brand in the world, where he produced data insights, cutting-edge reports, and useful tools to help users better understand the complex industry. Prior to that, he was an analyst assisting venture capitalists and startups in making smarter decisions through data. He received his B.A. from New York University in economics with a double minor in business & web development, as well as a certificate for business & financial modeling from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania."
  • Lin Zerd; Writer, "Linzerd is a cryptocurrency journalist based in Venezuela. He describes himself as late to the game, entering the cryptosphere when the price rise happened during December 2017. Having a computer engineering background, living in Venezuela, and being impacted by the cryptocurrency boom at a social level, he offers a different point of view about crypto success and how it helps the unbanked and underserved."