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"Has signed up 425 banks, including Deutsche Bank and Mexico’s Banorte, to use its Liink blockchain network to speed up interbank transactions. The technology will eventually help banks issue fewer paper checks and move more transactions online."


"The nation’s largest bank is one of the creators of Quorum, a restricted version of the Ethereum blockchain built especially for enterprises looking to move tasks performed by back-office middlemen to the distributed ledger. It recently announced JPM Coin, an early-stage project to enable real-time institution-to-institution payments. Full profile"

Merger with Consensys

"Referring to it as the JPMorgan “marquee blockchain unit,” a potential Quorum “merger with ConsenSys was chosen as the best path forward as both organizations work with Ethereum and have been involved in joint initiatives in the past.” Indeed, Quorum operates on Ethereum, and the largest US bank reportedly “has been considering spinning off Quorum for around two years, evaluating options including setting up an open-source foundation, creating a new startup or merging it with another company.

Merging Quorum’s more than two-dozen staff members would be in line with its open-source ethos, and at least one person close to the talks apparently confirmed any deal with ConsenSys would maintain the Quorum brand and its open-source operations. While not formalized, a merger could see a public launch later this year, sources hinted, “but financial terms are still unclear.”"

Update (25-8-2020): ConsenSys acquired Quorum.



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  • Key leader: Christine Moy, blockchain lead
  • Key leader: Umar Farooq, CEO of Onyx (2021)

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  • Emmanuel Abiodun had engineering experience at HSBC and J.P.Morgan; now a advisor to SONM and co-founder of Servicefy — an app allowing users to keep service and maintenance record for their vehicle.
  • Calastone processes mutual fund trades for over 1,700 financial companies, including JPMorganAsset Management
  • Was a founding member of R3 but left after at first R3 promised 90% stake to the banks, for getting 200mil funding. Then in 4-2017 they turned around and said it would be 60% plus a monthly fee for 150mil funding.
  • From The Defiant (3-11-2022):

"On Nov. 1, the New York-based lender’s Onyx unit executed trades in a new project launched in Singapore. Along with DBS Bank, and SBI Digital Asset Holdings, Onyx conducted live foreign exchange swaps of tokenized Japanese Yen (JPY) and Singapore Dollars (SGD). In addition, transactions involving tokenized Singapore government securities bonds and Japanese government bonds were simulated, according to a release. The pilot program is part of Project Guardian, an initiative backed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Asian city-state’s central bank. The project aims to explore DeFi applications in wholesale funding markets.

Project Guardian deployed on Polygon to minimize transaction costs. As it rolls out, Project Guardian plans to work with other blockchain networks, according to Ty Lobban, who works on Web3 products at Onyx."