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"The bank has invested in a half-dozen startups (Digital Asset Holdings, Axoni, SETL, Cobalt DL, R3 and Symbiont) developing blockchains and distributed ledgers for applications such as securities settlement, credit derivative swaps and insurance payments. Last year, Citi partnered with Barclays and software infrastructure provider CLS to launch LedgerConnect, an app store where companies can shop for blockchain tools. Full profile"

"Citi recently digitally issued its first letter of credit using its trade-finance-focused blockchain Komgo. Citi is also working with Goldman Sachs and 13 other trading firms to automate the matching and reconciliation of equity-swaps derivative contracts using Axoni’s Axcore blockchain. By moving the entire workflow to blockchain, Citi hopes to reduce errors and operational costs and minimize disputes over the valuation of assets. Click here to read more."

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  • Key leader: Puneet Singhvi, managing director plus (19-2-2020) markets and securities services lead for Blockchain.

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