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  • Launched ethereum classic after the DAO hack scandal. Is partly funding The Ethereum Cooperative. Since 2017, Grayscale has donated a total of $1.1 million, including $338,000 in 2019, to the cooperative. And it announced (22-1-2020) it will fund them for 2 more years.



  • "The crypto-focused investment firm raised (16-4-2020) a total of $503.7 million in Q1 2020, nearly double the previous quarterly high of $254.8 million reached in Q3 2019."
  • Grayscale Investments has chosen Coinbase Custody to serve as the new security provider for its digital asset holdings, the two companies announced 3-8-2019; Coinbase Custody, which Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says already holds around $1B in digital assets, will act as the custodian for Grayscale's investment products. Grayscale claims to hold $2.7 billion in total assets under management, according to its most recent quarterly report, more than doubling its Q1 holdings of $1.2B
  • 'owns' 1% of all BTC "Since the start of 2018, Grayscale has seen its Bitcoin coffers swell by 30,600 BTC to 203,000 total, now accounting for more than 1% of the asset’s total circulating supply." (12-2018). Update: in June 2019 when a little bull run occurred, Grayscale reportedly hit 3 Billion in crypto assets.
  • "Grayscale announced (17-1-2020) they raked-in more than $600 million dollars across their cryptocurrency investment products last year. The best performing investment instrument was their Bitcoin Trust, attracting more than $400 million dollars, amounting for more than 60% of the company’s investment portfolio, beating last year’s volume. Grayscale also improved customer numbers, bringing aboard 25% more customers to invest in their products."
  • From the CoinDesk 50:

"With more than $3.7 billion assets under management, Grayscale Investments is the leading digital asset manager. Nearly half of these assets came onto its books in the last 12 months, its first billion dollar year. The firm, a unit of New York-based Digital Currency Group, CoinDesk's parent company, offers 10 investment products, four of which are publicly quoted including its most popular Bitcoin Trust and the Digital Large Cap Fund, which is the first publicly traded digital currency index fund. These securities offer exposure to digital assets, without forcing Grayscale’s institutional client base to hold them. Recently, ahead of Ethereum’s planned upgrade, Grayscale has been purchasing nearly half of all mined ether, to support its Ethereum Trust."

"Over the past week, digital asset management firm Grayscale Investments has increased its reserves by 17,100 Bitcoin (BTC), according to its website and crypto analytics platform That’s an increase of $186.5 million. As a result, the GBTC Bitcoin trust, which was created in 2013, now amounts to nearly 450,000 BTC—or $4.7 billion. This corresponds to 2.5% of the amount of Bitcoin in circulation."

  • Announced their best ever quarter with over $1B raised (14-10-2020).
  • Has $13B in crypto assets under management (15-12-2020).

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