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"Chorus One was founded in early 2018 to operate validators for Proof-of-Stake networks. Brian Crain, co-founder and CEO, was previously the COO at All in Bits, and helped set up the Full Node blockchain co-working space in Berlin, home to the 2019 Interchain Conversations conference. Brian left All in Bits in late 2017 to set up Chorus One with co-founder Meher Roy, with whom he had already been running the popular Epicenter podcast.

Brian, Meher, and the Chorus One team have been huge contributors to the Cosmos ecosystem over the years, with a focus on protocol analysis and community growth. They provided significant early feedback on the economics of the Proof of Stake design, and have published many articles about the Cosmos protocols and community. Chorus One is currently validating on Cosmos-based networks and other Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

Chorus One has also been at the forefront of building highly available validators. Besides building one of the first high-availability validators for the Cosmos Hub, they have been building a high availability validator for Solana StrongGate with funding from the Solana team. Moreover, Chorus One has been building Anthem, a web tool with staking analytics and historical reward data that is launching soon.

Chorus One has been financed independently by its founders, but was recently engaged by the ICF to initiate research into Delegation Vouchers, a mechanism to provide liquidity for staked Atoms. As part of this effort, they’ve created the Liquid Staking Working Group, which hosts regular open meetings to gather input from the wider community on the design of this enhancement to the Cosmos Proof of Stake mechanism. The goal is to produce a design that can then be funded for implementation. We look forward to the ongoing thought and community leadership demonstrated by Chorus One, to the results of the Delegation Vouchers project, and to their evolution into a long-term sustainable Proof of Stake services company."


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