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"Zerion is one of the top DeFi tools that individuals can leverage to simplify their trading experience. Instead of individually visiting Compound, Uniswap, and other yield farms, DeFi investors can indirectly interact with these protocols through Zerion."


"In 2016, Zerion’s three co-founders formed the company to create a simple solution to track and manage ERC-20 tokens. Since then, the vision evolved into becoming a one-stop-shop for interacting with DeFi products."

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"There is still a 0.5% fee for all swaps on L1 and L2 networks (0% for Ethereum) — and all that goes into a multisig treasury"



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"DeFi SDK is an open-source system of smart-contracts designed to make it easier for developers to integrate DeFi protocols. It consists of basic token adapters and protocols that allows anyone to add support for DeFi assets using a single library. No more complex API pulls, spending months in consultation with different protocols, or trying to wrap your head around complex DeFi derivatives.

Comparative projects

Compared to systems like InstaDapp’s DeFi Smart Accounts and DeFi Pulse’s Registry, DeFi SDK is completely on-chain and works with the entire DeFi ecosystem. We purposefully designed DeFi SDK to be modular and extensible so that new protocols can easily be added."


"Zerion is adding new features that can turn it into a useful product even for DeFi’s power users. Staking NXM on Nexus Mutual or accessing vested BZRX tokens on bZx are just a few new features coming to the platform."


Projects that use or built on it


  • A comparison between Zapper and Zerion can be read here (1-10-2020):

"Zapper has a clear edge for LPs. For example, providing liquidity to a Uniswap pool can be done using just ETH on Zapper, slimming the process from two steps to one.

On Zerion, however, the user needs to manually sell half their ETH for DAI first and add the two assets in the correct proportions. Thus, Zerion’s only advantage over adding liquidity on Uniswap’s native interface is that it also connects to other protocols.

Zerion’s dashboard is cleaner than Zapper’s when viewing an addresstransaction history. But Zapper once again comes out on top in terms of the depth of information available. 

For active LPs, Zapper has a very obvious edge. But for those looking to dabble with DeFi and test all its moving parts, Zerion is the perfect partner."

Coin Distribution

Pros and Cons


"Instead of visiting multiple interfaces and executing a series of transactions, investors can do it all from a single interface. The dashboard is clean and intuitive, making it less confusing to use and track one’s history with DeFi protocols. Zapper has become an integral tool for active LPs thanks to its comprehensive integrations and product development approach."


  • From Crypto Briefing (1-10-2020):

"Zapper’s approach is to focus on a single niche and really buckle down on it. Zerion expanded its offering across multiple verticals but still doesn’t support every protocol in those verticals.

On the lending and borrowing side, Zerion has support for Compound and Maker, but, once again, omits Aave – the largest money market protocol in DeFi."

Team, investors, Partnerships, etc.


"Vadim Koleoshkin is the business-minded co-founder of Zerion. He previously founded Jufy Projects, a consulting firm, and app development studio.

Evgeny Yurtaev is a co-founder of Zerion, who previously worked as a software engineer at Google and Jufy Projects. Yurtaev has extensive experience dealing with blockchains, namely, Ethereum.

Alexey Bashlykov is the third co-founder and CTO of Zerion. He’s an android developer, working alongside his co-founders at Jufy Projects."


"Raised $8.2 million in a Series A funding round. The investment was led by Mosaic Ventures, with participation from Digital Currency Group, Blockchain.com Ventures, Lightspeed, and Placeholder."



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