The Web 3 Foundation (W3F)

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  • The Web 3 Foundation is a Swiss foundation promoting decentralized protocols for Web 3.0.
  • Its primary project is the Polkadot interoperability protocol.


"The Web3 Foundation has been issuing grants, anywhere between $3,000 and $100,000, to projects looking to build on the Polkadot platform since the start of 2019. Web3 has so far financed nearly 100 project in five separate funding waves, according to its GitHub page.

London-based developer house Interlay will receive funding from Web3 to build a "BTC-Parachain" to bring bitcoin-backed assets onto Polkadot. Using its open-source XCLAIM framework, the parachain would be an "open and trustless system that leverages a dynamic set of collateralized intermediaries," the company said in a Medium post Thursday.

Other projects supported by Web3 include a Metamask plugin, an interoperability bridge with EOS and a parachain linking Polkadot to the prospective Libra ecosystem.

In October, Web3 created a Polkadot ecosystem fund together with Polychain Capital. Although the foundation would not specify exactly how much had been set aside for the new fund, a spokesperson at the time said it was "in the millions.""

Team, investors, partnerships

  • Chainlink will make off-chain data feeds, -, and traditional payment services available to all contracts on the Polkadot network. “We intend to drive the development of an oracle parachain together with the Chainlink team,” said W3F Executive Director Peter Czaban. Announced: October 2018.

"New Polkadot Ecosystem Fund launched by Web3 Foundation and Polychain Capital to support teams building Polkadot parachains."