Vlad Zamfir

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  • Often writes interesting pieces about the blockchain space in general and describes himself as an "absurdist troll".


  • Left to work at Casper Labs on Casper instead of doing it at Ethereum itself. Update (22-10-2020):

"Ethereum Foundation developer Vlad Zamfir used to advise the company. But he’d left the project by March 2020, when CasperLabs said it was pivoting away from Ethereum." Update (21-3-2021): "Vlad Zamfir sues over rights to the Casper name."

  • OmiseGo, advisor
  • Synereo works together with Zamfir and Vitalik.
  • Works together with RChain.
  • Ethereum & Casper developer. Zamfir was leading a popular version of Casper (CBC) at Ethereum, helping the network to rely on stake rather than computing power to achieve consensus, as well as addressing scalability issues.
  • Cryptocurrency Research Group, team member back in 2014