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"T-Mobile’s NEXT Identity Project, created using blockchain Hyperledger Sawtooth in collaboration with Microsoft, is meant to improve the way the telecommunications company manages who can gain access to employee and customer data. Currently hundreds of admins have access to company and customer data, but the new blockchain system would tighten controls and grant access only to those who fit within a very narrow framework defined by the company’s auditors. No humans are ever involved in the process. Since January 2019, Next has run alongside existing production systems and completed roughly 60,000 transactions that resulted in new information being added to the blockchain in the first six months. T-Mobile is also working to leverage blockchain technology to execute and implement wholesale roaming agreements."


Pros and Cons

Team, investors, Partnerships, etc.


  • Key Executive: Chuck Knostman, vice president, emerging technology strategy 



  • Helium announced (7-2022) a partnership with T-Mobile to provide 5G service to Helium Mobile subscribers in places where the Helium network lacks coverage.