Santiment Network Token (SAN)

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Santiment Network Token
Total supply83,337,000 SAN


  • "Santiment (2-2020) is a behavior analytics platform for cryptocurrencies, sourcing on-chain, social and development information on 900+ coins."


  • "Datafeeds and community insights are all (2-2020) plotted against the currency price. Access datafeeds, signals and insights via web and mobile terminals."


"SAN is a utility token that provides access to exclusive parts of Sanbase. The first level of economics… basic SAN staking… is live for our experimental Sandata dashboards.

We expect the token economy will have three main dimensions.

SAN as payment (monthly subscription, auction, etc) crowdsources pricing for Santiment services, while reserving and creating value for SAN holders.

SAN as stake (holding a certain amount of SAN tokens, locked accounts) incentivizes strategic partners to support and enhance Santiment as a datafeeds platform.

SAN as a reward (payments to contributors, grants) for crowdsourcing data and information increases the value of Santiment services, which create more value for the whole network."