Nxt (NXT)

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Consensus mechanismProof-of-Stake


  • Currency, Platform
  • Anonymous
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Exchange/Marketplace
  • Tokens, shares and DAO's
  • Market Pegged Assets
  • Customized voting systems
  • The first coinbase transaction account in the genesis block is an account in which people can send NXT but will never be able to get it out. Fun fact: multiple people have send NXT to this address and one person made it a round number of 1 million. Then one user send 1 NXT. Just because.



  • Transparent Presale


  • POS (Claims to be the first!)
  • Is the clone/fork father of NBT, XPH, NZ, Burst, SKULL, NAS, VDO, NTX, FIMK, NODE
  • Data Cloud; Data storage, publication and verification on the NXT blockchain. “All forms of data can be uploaded to the Nxt blockchain, providing a secure (and, if desired, permanent) method of storing, retrieving and publishing information. Nxt Messaging makes use of this ability to embed data in the blockchain, and the Data Cloud can be seen as an extension of the Messaging system.”
  • Uses accounts instead of UTXO’s (as Bitcoin does)
  • Block production time 1 min, Worst case confirmation time: 720 blocks, 3 TPS, Transaction Fee Costs: 1 NXT
  • Network Security Costs: Tx. Fees

Oracle Method being used






  • As of may 2017 NXT has around 400 nodes.


Pros and Cons

Team, investors, Partnerships, etc.


  • Being built by Jelurida
  • Luc, Jean; main dev
  • Founder unknown, his name was Bcnext, but possibly Come-From-Beyond aka Sergey, now co-founder of IOTA
  • NXT has two 2 devs at the moment (may 2017) that make the most decisions, and 3 other devs that create commits.


Big Holders

  • There is still one of the early adopters that has 50 million NXT (5%)