Nikolai Mushegian

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  • Died in a potential suicide. However, he himself prophesized that he would be murdered, just some days prior (28-10-2022), "Police found “no signs of violence” during a preliminary examination of Mushegian’s body, though he did suffer a small laceration to his skull." Rune Christensen, Mushegian’s fellow MakerDAO co-founder, told Decrypt that he spoke to Mushegian three months ago; “He seemed happy to be building his new stablecoin RICO,” said Christensen. “But he was also worried about a criminal group he believed was trying to interfere with his work.”


"* Founded MakerDAO * Discovered the reentrancy attack before The DAO and whitehatted Maker to prevent a hack * Developed WETH * Founded Balancer * Donated 1.4M to Carnegie Mellon for DeFi research"