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  • Programming language created by Facebook for their project Libra
  • Move its first implementation will be in Rust. Is also working together (14-4-2020) with Dapper Labs and it's Cadence language.
  • MoveVM is designed to work on multiple blockchains, including the high speed blockchain Solana.
  • "Developers working for startup OpenZeppelin found vulnerabilities in Move. “The vulnerability in the Move IR compiler allows malicious actors to introduce executable code to their smart contracts disguised as inline comments,” OpenZeppelin’s CEO Demian Brener told CoinDesk. Brener said the code was disclosed to Libra Aug. 6, with the Libra team evaluating and fixing the bug over the following month. As of Sept. 4, the patch was reviewed and confirmed to be fixed by OpenZeppelin."
  • Had a "Billion Dollar Bug" which was found by Zellic when asked to do an audit for Sui and got disclosed. It would have effected Aptos, Sui and all other Move L1's.