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  • Axelar; part of their $60M ecosystem fund (19-12-2022)
  • dHedge; one of the investors according to their blog (2-11-2020).
  • Euler; part of the $8m raise (25-8-2021). Turned out to have "$6.3M 682k EUL, up from 292k" with which they "determines the majority of Euler proposals. 8/10 last proposals they were >50% of votes: 1 no vote & 1 was 48%"
  • Figment. Seems to be one of the original investors in Figment. Also participated in the second funding round (29-10-2020).
  • Formosa; invested in their private sale, this Jeffery Huang project which seemed to have frauded investors money afterwards (16-6-2022).
  • The Graph. It is one of its backers according to the website of The Graph (2-10-2020).
  • Liquity. Participated in a $2.4M raise for Liquity (28-9-2020).
  • Reflexer; on of its backers (22-2-2021).



  • According to the website of FTX, they have collaborated (20-4-2020).