Kerman Kohli

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  • Grew up in New Zealand and started coding when he was 12 (he is 22 at the time of writing, 31-7-2020). Also mentions his accomplishments are connected with O1.
  • From his own bio on his DeFi Weekly blog (5-3-2020):

"I’m Kerman and I’ve been making and shipping products for over a decade. I sold my first company at the age of 20 after it received millions of users globally. My second venture was in the DeFi space and raised venture money although didn’t work out. Apart from launching ventures, I’ve also worked in many venture funded companies that have raised tens of millions of dollars from top investors. Such experiences have been valuable in knowing the execution risks of launching products at scale."

My love for technology was present from a very young age (about 7), but it really took off when I taught myself how to code when I was 12. Since then I’ve always done things and followed my passion. I had my first “code my startup for me for 5% equity” pretty early on as well. Regardless I’ve always pushed through any obstacles thrown my way and continued making things people want.

Through being a founder and pitching to numerous investors since I was 15, I’ve slowly come to treat the decisions in my life as I was a VC, investing in myself.


  1. "Currently leading everything crypto related at Immutable (sold 6.8m NFTs for Gods Unchained and raised a $15m Series A)
  2. Sold my first business when I was 20 for an app that was downloaded over 2m+ times and had 100k+ monthly active users
  3. Worked at numerous venture backed startups as an engineer pushing production grade code for millions of users
  4. Ran my own DeFi/crypto startup for close to two years managing a small team and raising money
  5. Have a DeFi newsletter that I’ve grown to over a thousand subscribers with some of cryptos top companies/investors/individuals and recently turned on monetisation. My ultimate goal here is to be the Stratechery of Crypto/DeFi.
  6. Advisor for early stage crypto/DeFi startups"