Justin Sun

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"He studied at the University of Pennsylvania and was hand-selected to attend Jack Ma’s Hupan University. Prior to starting TRON, Justin worked as the head of Ripple in China. Ripple’s model, similar to EOS,’ is what we at Two Prime refer to as a Continuous Token Offering – an ongoing sale of a token in public and private market concurrent with the use of raised funds. Knowing this, it seems to me Justin has taken his Ripple experience and applied it to TRON, seeing the token as a financial instrument before a technical one."

  • "20,000 of Tron's Justin Sun's 50,000 new Twitter followers are likely fake, according to researcher Geoff Golberg; analysis reveals almost half of the new followers are extremely similar and uniform in consistency, pointing towards software creation; leading signs include all the accounts following few people, were just created, and have few tweets"
  • For a deep dive on Sun and his come up, overtake of Bittorrent and his tantrums, check out this The Verge article (29-9-2020).


  • Grenada; WTO ambassador (17-12-2021).
  • Tron, founder & ex-CEO
  • SUN; DeFi meme coin
  • Peiwo Huanle (Bejing) Technology Co; founder. “Peiwo, a Snapchat-like app that allows users to send 10-second voice recordings, runs on the Tron blockchain.”
  • Ripple, former Chief Representative and advisor from 2013 to 2016 “in the Greater China area”. He also served as Ripple Lab’s Special Representative and Adviser since 2014.


  • Huobi; revealed his new role as an advisor to the Huobi exchange and now owns “tens of millions” of its tokens (17-10-2022).
  • Said he is part of the investor group that recently acquired Poloniex from fintech firm Circle, after denying his involvement initially.
  • Has a huge amount of ETH, from The Defiant (7-4-2021):

"The recent rise in Compound’s deposits comes after a whale deposited over 629,000 Ether in a single transaction. The address has since been linked with Justin Sun and his deposit is expected to be earning him roughly $80,000 worth of COMP per day. The $1.2 billion invested by Justin Sun in the pool brought the total to over $5 billion."