Jesse Powell

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  • Used to play Magic the Gathering with Roger Ver in highschool and both entrepreneurs fell down the bitcoin rabbit hole together in 2011.:

"When he played the card collectibles game Magic: The Gathering with fellow bitcoin OG Roger Ver, Powell picked the decks that required more silence and concentration. Ver picked the simpler hands and chatted with his opponents, Ver told CoinDesk in a recent interview."

  • Mt Gox, helped out with Roger Ver during a crash. Now has oversight of Mt Gox claims of lost bitcoins.
  • From CoinDesk, which put him in the Most Influention 2020 list (9-12-2020):

"Powell first discovered crypto when he was CEO of a company that sold virtual items and currencies for online games like World of Warcraft and Diablo II. At virtual world services company Lewt, Powell offered what was like a bank for the digital assets of gamers. Since game developers were essentially self-regulatory bodies for gamers, the developers also had control over gamer assets."


  • Kraken, ex-CEO, stepped down (22-9-2022). Succeeding Powell as CEO is the exchange’s Chief Operating Officer Dave Ripley.