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"This unicorn has facilitated more than $800 million in home equity loans, mortgage and student loan refinancings for lenders including Caliber Home Loans. Franklin Templeton is among the financial service firms that manage nodes to validate transactions on its Provenance blockchain platform. All documents are stored and algorithmically verified on the blockchain."


  • “We use tech to power transparent businesses and traceable products. The future of brand trust.”
  • “On Provenance users can create a “verified profile” accessible with a private key. It is this registration program that forms the fundamental trust relationship between the customer and the system as a whole. All other programs derive their “trustability” through their own reputation (which may be imported through their real-world name). Importantly, the system could allow participants to remain anonymous, at the cost of opacity at the stage of the supply chain at which that actor operates (although information about earlier stages can remain retrievable). The exception is certifiers, who need to register and identify themselves in order to make the system work.”





Pros and Cons

Team, investors, Partnerships, etc.


  • Key Executive: Mike Cagney, cofounder and CEO; Jennifer Mitrenga, head of Americas, Provenance