Fair launch

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  • The primary goal is to distribute the majority of tokens via some objective criteria other than a direct sale (e.g. being an active user of the protocol) and ensure that everybody has equal access to that distribution. Think of this as Uber being owned by its drivers and riders from day one.
  • The Fair Launch term became popular after yEarn launched its token with no VC allocation, no pre-mine, and no ICO, but just used liquidity mining as a means of acquiring the token.
  • In hind sight, Bitcoin is also named as one of the original fair launches.
  • There is debate going on about if Fair Launches are indeed fair, due to whales being able to scoop up large amounts of tokens by allocating their liquidity. KYF is one answer to this issue. Uniswap also responded to this issue by giving any account holder 400 UNI on its launch.
  • The term Fair Launch got so much traction, Fair Launch Capital was quickly created.


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