EGirl Capital

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"When asked if it would be appropriate to refer to a member as a “partner at eGirl Capital,” the question set off a brief flurry of debate about whether "partner" entails legal connotations and if the word implied a formal hierarchy. Different members even offered contradictory answers as to whether or not the group can be considered a venture capital firm in the traditional sense:

“EGirl isn’t a VC, we’re simps. We’re a grassroots group of contributors that support projects with strong teams and visions. eGirl includes engineers, business leaders, product managers, meme creators, technical analysts and investors,” the group said."


"Eva Beylin is one of three doxxed members of the influential Web3 venture capital fund eGirl Capital. Founded by 14 acquaintances in a Telegram channel in 2019, eGirl Capital members are unknown even to each other. Beylin says she has yet to meet most of her eGirl co-investors. She doesn’t even know many of their birth names. That’s to say, she knows them as the rest of the world does, as a cartoon cat in a raincoat or King Leonidas with BTC-symbol eyes from the movie “300.”"


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"As for its funding, a financial figure that was initially included in a question-and-answer document was staggeringly high. However, a committee subsequently decided to delete the figure and offer no comment in an effort to appear more “mysterious.”"