DeFi Safety

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  • Website which does reviews of DeFi projects and their safety. "The % score is how close to perfect they follow process and quality best practices."
  • From their introduction (14-12-2020):

"We rate DeFi products on software quality and use of best practices. In DeFi, you have to trust the software as there is nothing else backing you up. We rate DeFi products for two audiences.

  1. For DeFi users, we provide clear, concise and relevant ratings on project quality, risk, and transparency. So users make informed decisions.
  2. For developers, we give them clear, achievable goals in software quality and transparency (which will have a full article, soon). In the process, raise the quality of the DeFi software industry.

We rate according to our own public process."

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"DeFi Safety is my full-time job. Our focus is improving the quality of DeFi as a whole. We remain fiercely independent. We have never been paid by a developer for a review. We stay away from conflicts of interest as much as possible."

  • From their blog (6-8-2021):

"We at DefiSafety are pleased to announce that our Seed round has closed with about 1M$ raised. This round was led by Andre Cronje, with investments from Leo Cheng of C.R.E.A.M. Finance, Griff Green, Corey Petty, Shahar Abrahams, Jeff Issis, Pedar Muller, Jonathan Boateng, and Wot_is_going_on. Crypto funds investing include MetaCartel Ventures, Feleman, Owl Ventures, NetX Fund, Turn Capital and Immunefi."