Daniel Wang

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"Wang and Finestone previously worked together at Loopring Foundation, a trading and payment protocol built on zk-rollup technology. Wang was its founder and CEO from July 2017 until November 2021, while Finestone spent three years with the project as its head of business.

Wang, who spent four years at Google earlier in his career, said that, after Loopring, he hoped to build a decentralized social network but ran into a problem. “There’s no way I can deploy my social network because the infrastructure is not there. There’s no way it will be scaled,” he explained. Thus, the idea for Taiko was born."


"I used to have a CEX called coinport. So I know all the frustrations a CEX owner has. I wanted to create a solution for myself and ended up with a whitepaper and an ICO. But the latest version is based on Vitalik’s ZK Rollup idea."