Coloured Coins

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  • A class of methods for associating real world assets with addresses on the bitcoin network. Examples could be a deed for a house, stocks, bonds or futures. The technology could also be used to track and register intellectual property assets.

  • There are several competing implementations of the coloured coins idea, using differing methods, including those developed by CoinSpark, Colu and several built on the EPBOC protocol. During 2023 BRC-20s became popular.
  • From Decentral Park Capital (12-5-2023):

"Most notably, coloured coins were introduced in 2012 by a group of developers including Yoni Assia, in an attempt to extend the functionality of the Bitcoin protocol beyond the single BTC digital currency. This technique involved "colouring" specific bitcoins, assigning them additional metadata that represents ownership of a distinct asset. The purpose is to enable the creation and transfer of digital tokens that could represent various assets like stocks, real estate, or even virtual items in video games."