Chandler Guo

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"Chandler Guo, a Chinese miner and former advisor to Binance, predicted roughly half a dozen PoW forks will emerge after Ethereum moves to PoS. While Guo is a proponent of forking Ethereum, he noted that developers and protocols will likely support PoS Ethereum, posing significant challenges for newly forked chains."

  • “According to a translated post on the Chinese forum 8btc, Guo says he plans to raise 12 million Ethereum Classic (ETC) in order to add 100 petahashes to his X Pool Bitcoin mining operation. It seems the plan is to start an ICO consisting of 21 million tokens that will be issued to the public. The additional hash power would give Guo’s X Pool roughly 3.3 percent of the overall Bitcoin network. At press time, X Pool encompasses roughly 0.9 percent of the network’s hashrate distribution.“