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  • Changed name into FTX (like the FTX father company). No longer Blockfolio (28-7-2021).
  • Cryprtocurrency portfolio app
  • Had some bad rep when it turned out they sold your data away.
  • From EthHub #129 (1-9-2020):

"FTX has acquired Blockfolio for $150 million in one of the largest acquisition deals in the digital asset space this year."


Investors, partnerships, etc.

  • Completed a Series A round (11.5M) led by Pantera Capital. All told, over a dozen investment funds chipped in, as the project seeks to become more then just a portfolio checker. Bitmex and Huobi also got involved as part of the deal.
  • Created a partnership with TRON
  • Received the funding from major VCs including Danhua Capital
  • Part of the WBTC community
  • Partners with IOST