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Mining pool


  • Also known as BTCC
  • Chinese mining pool that used to control a significant fraction of Bitcoin's hash rate but closed down.
  • Bitcoin exchange, but now 4 trading pairs
  • BTCC is a Hong Kong based bitcoin exchange that was once the world's second largest by volume in October 2014. Founded in June 2011, it was China's first bitcoin exchange, and most of its customers are thought to be from the domestic market. In 2018, it is thought to now have almost 150 employees. 
  • 0.1 % fees on exchange
  • Wallet service
  • Runs SegWit; The company is one of the most outspoken proponents of Segregated Witness
  • Selects Ether Classic over Ethereum since nov 2016 (Has investment from DCG, which is owned by Barry Silbert, who funds Ethereum Classic's development)
  • Partnered with Rootstok
  • Was part of the Chinese miners that signed a statement that they want 8MB blocks. Signatories included the large mining companies F2pool, Antpool, Huobi, and BW.

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