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HashKey Chain

  • HashKey Group, an Asia-based cryptocurrency financial services firm, is officially listing its platform token, HSK, in the third quarter of this year, with a community airdrop expected later this month (18-6-2024):

"HSK is a token designed to be based on the ERC-20 standard, with a total supply of one billion units, according to the statement. HashKey added that about 65% of the supply would be allocated for ecosystem growth, 30% to the staff and 5% to a reserve fund. When it comes to the token’s burning mechanism, HashKey said it plans to have the discretion to purchase an amount of HSK up to 20% of net profits generated from specified HashKey businesses and then burn the acquired HSK from the token’s supply. HSK will incentivize ecosystem contributors to HashKey's L2 ‘Ecosystem Chain,’ HashKey Chain."



  • Deng Chao; CEO
  • Wanxiang Labs; strategic partner
  • In January 2024, HashKey Group announced that it raised nearly $100 million in its Series A financing round at a pre-money valuation above $1.2 billion.