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  • "Coin Metrics is a provider of crypto asset market and network data. Our data empowers our clients and the public to better understand, value, use, and steward open crypto networks. Coin Metrics was founded in 2017 as an open-source project to provide the public with actionable and transparent network data. "
  • Is known for in depth articles on data about crypto.
  • For an in depth look into BTC mining pools, read this piece.
  • Has a newsletter called State of the Network
  • From the CoinDesk 50:

"Venture capital is flooding into crypto data providers, as investors look to fund infrastructure-level companies. While many of Coin Metrics’ services are public, the firm is positioned to become a vital resource to the growing number of institutional (*paying*) players entering the industry. That goes far in explaining the firm’s recent $6 million Series A led by Highland Capital Partners with backing from Coinbase, Fidelity and Castle Island Ventures, among others, to build out its team and improve its data sets. Author of the weekly “State of the Network” reports, the Coin Metrics team has become synonymous with greater industry transparency."


"[Nic] founded the premier data firm Coin Metrics out of graduate school"

Team, Funding, partners


  • Nate Maddrey — Research Analyst and editor of State of the Network
  • Nic Carter; co-founder and board chairman


  • Raised $6.7 million from new investor (20-10-2023). The investors were not disclosed. The firm previously raised $35 million in a round led by BNY Mellon and Acrew Capital, with additional support from Goldman Sachs, Brevan Howard Digital, Cboe Global Market, Avon Ventures and others.
  • Closed a $15M funding round which was led by Goldman Sachs (5-5-2021):

"Castle Island Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Fidelity Investments, Avon Ventures and others used the funding round to boost their stakes in the Cambridge, Mass.-based company. Acrew Ventures, Morningside Group, BlockFi and Warburg Series Investments were among new investors in Coin Metrics, which last raised capital in 2019."

"Coinbase, Fidelity and more back Coin Metrics in $6M Series A Funding Round. Led by Highland Capital Partners, Coin Metrics announced Thursday the round had also received placements from Communitas Capital, Avon Ventures, Raptor Group, Digital Currency Group (DCG), Castle Island Ventures and Collaborative Fund."

Dragonfly Capital Partners, Fidelity Investments, Castle Island Ventures (Nic is a partner there)