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"If you haven’t already, please unwind your positions and move your funds off of Authereum. After March 1st, you will not be able to use the official Authereum interface or services to transact with your Authereum wallet. If you have exported your keys, you can continue to interact with your Authereum wallet even after the Authereum-provided services reach their end-of-life."

  • Went out of beta (6-10-2020).
  • Live (12-2-2020) on the public Ethereum network:

"You can sign up with just a username, email, and password in seconds, deposit funds with a debit card through our Wyre integration, and start using Ethereum apps on any browser, no downloads required. Best of all, there are no transaction fees so you’re free to trade, play, and spend with complete freedom."

Update (16-4-2020):

"Using Authereum, users will get 10 free transactions per week (under 750,000 gas) and all transactions are free for apps that are part of their partner program (such as ErasureBay and OpenSea)."

Old Roadmap

  1. "Batched transactions 📦 — Batched transactions allow dapps to get rid of unnecessary steps like approving tokens and “wrapping” ETH. We’ll be adding better support for batched transactions to our SDK and will be helping dapps take advantage of the feature to improve their user experiences.
  2. Fiat on and off ramp support 💸— Our integration with Wyre is great for our US based users but we want the whole world to be able to get their cash onto the blockchain. We’ll be expanding our fiat on and off ramp support with more options and more supported countries.
  3. Native app support 📱 — Native Ethereum apps are long overdue. We’ll be releasing a React Native SDK to make building a native Ethereum app easier than ever.

Authereum Native App 🛡️ — Our native app, coming later this year, will provide a greater level of security and a more fluid user experience. It will allow you to log into your favorite dapps with biometrics such as FaceId or your fingerprint, no password needed."



"The Authereum wallet contained a bug which would allow an attacker to take over any wallet at any time. The Authereum team exploited this bug in order to force an upgrade on all user wallets, and as a result no funds were lost."

Partners & Investors



"When we started, we launched a small smart contract auditing firm in parallel to Authereum to help us pay the bills while we built out our MVP. But then raised $1.1M from some incredible investors including, 1confirmationCoinbase VenturesRepublic LabsSynapse Capital, and some angel investors so that we can focus 100% of our time getting Ethereum applications into the hands of everyday users."