Divergence Ventures

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  • Aka divdotvc



"This @divdotvc analyst @_bridgeharris has made 652 $ETH and counting from @ribbonfinance airdrops, quite impressive. finding wallets like their's and copytrading them is probably the best way to make it tbh. the strat was just deposit .1 eth in ribbon theta vault 140 days ago but across many many wallets"

  • Divergence quickly released tweets saying they were in crypto for more than money, realized they went to far (dumping the farmed token directly into ETH) and that they would send the ETH to the Ribbon DAO.
  • Later it turned out that they had also prefarming Arbitrum and Optimism - depositing very specific amounts into both:

"On Optimism the DumpDotVC wallets are LP'ing tiny amounts of sUSD and DAI - I'm guessing they are investors in Lyra but not listed on site, so trying to confirm this... Yes, they are investors. of course they are."