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"This little-known ADP spinoff controls 80% of the U.S. proxy-voting and shareholder-communications business. Broadridge has a team working to move its core proxy-voting services to a distributed ledger, allowing stockholders to cast their own votes on corporate resolutions and directors in real time—without going through the custodial banks that hold the shares. Broadridge is an investor, alongside banks such as BNP and Citi, in Digital Asset Holdings, which played a key role in the development of private blockchain ledgers. Full profile"

"Last summer, ADP spinoff Broadridge acquired blockchain software built by financial services firm Northern Trust designed to help manage the entire life cycle of private equity investments. The tool automates the manual middle office functions of PE transactions, like managing legal agreements, and streamlines the process of gathering data and communicating with investors. It’s currently available for funds based in Guernsey and the state of Delaware. In the second half of 2020, Broadridge has plans to go live executing bilateral repurchase agreements (repos) on the blockchain."





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